Just back after the ThoughtWorks Away Day. Although its called Away Day,  its actually 3 days in total. This time we went to Goa. All ThoughtWorkers from India meet at a spot and get an opportunity to meet, talk and in general revel in one another’s company.
This time, I got sucked into participating in a few events. When I put my hand up, the view was I would be rolling off my current account and I should have time on my hands. But events transpired differently and I ended up staying on the account plus participating in the events. A little tight on time management, but things went fine overall.
After a long time; a really long time, I took part in a skit. When I went in to hear the script, I assumed I will have a bit role for a minute to play. To my horror, I realized that I am present for almost the entire duration of the skit. The last I had done a skit was in Engineering. Its been more than a decade and some. And during those days, they never lasted 20 minutes and I never played a major role. My biggest worry was how I would remember the script.  Somewhere along the way I had forgotten how to memorize things.
I never let my fears out. Gradually with practice we ended in a good place. I was able to let my guard down during practice sessions. Every other day at sharp 6:30 pm, I would go off from my project floor for ‘presentation’. Everyone thought I was working on some project presentation.
The Away Day was a roaring success. And from what I hear, the skit was a runaway success as well. It was nice to turn back the clock a few years and let my hair down for a change. And now, welcome back normal!
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One comment on “Away Day”

  1. Sriram Narayanan

    Stop being modest, "Agent Vinod"! I was really impressed by the amount of comedy that you injected into your character, your good dance steps, and how you came up with all those actions for various scenes. Great job ! 🙂


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