Chilika the water droplet gained consciousness. She was at once alone and melded with her neighbours. As she looked around, she was consumed by awe at the gushing vibrance all around. She did not know where she came from. She had no idea where she was headed to. But in others, she found company. In their presence she derived comfort.

“Hello, Iam Chilika” she announced to no one in particular.

“Brady’ he called out. I saw you being born.

“Afua here” she heard another voice on her left. “It’s good to have some company”.

“Hello people. Good to be here. Do you know where we are headed?” Chilika asked.

“No idea” Brady said.

“But we are going faast” Afua added. “It’s so much fun”

“Whee!” Chilika shouted with unbridled fun.

They kept gaining speed. Faster and faster they moved. Soon, the droplets started to get worried.

“Uh oh” Chilika thought. “This is starting to get a little scary now. We seem to be heading down.”

“Chilika!” she heard Brady shout as he separated from her. It seemed there was so much space as they went down. It seemed they were separating and trying to fill the entire expanse.

She looked to her left and realised Afua had separated too. As she looked down she hit a rock.

“Oh wow!” she said in utter shock and bounced up. As she bounced she looked up at the radiant sun in one final moment of bliss.

Chintu gained consciousness as he fell amongst his neighbours.

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